In a demonstration to tackle the menace of ghost workers that has continue to drain the coffers of government, Bauchi State Governor, Sen Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed will hold a public parley with all the stakeholders involved in the payment of workers salaries in the state.

The Mutual Union of Tiv in the United Kingdom, (MUTUK) has said that the primary responsibility of the government as enshrined in the constitution is the protection of lives and properties, anything short of of these basic responsibilities is a call to anarchy

This is even as the group expressed disappointment over the recent statement by the Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, who encouraged Herdsmen to be going about with AK-47 to defend themselves, cautioning him over Unguided Utterances.

“We are shock by a statement by the Governor of Bauchi State which by Constitution has the primary responsibility of protecting lives and properties, If farmers and everyone else embark on self help by arming themselves, what will become of Nigeria?

The President of the Association, Dr Kohol Iornem, lamented that Nigerians have never witnessed such an unprecedented spate of killings since the civil war ended attributing the nefarious activities of the marauding herdsmen to the insecurity in the Country.

“Many citizens and groups including the Mutual Union of Tiv in the United Kingdom (MUTUK) have spoken out and urged the Federal Government to arrest these barbaric killings, rapes and wanton destructions of farm produce to no avail”

“MUTUK even led a coordinated protest in the United Kingdom in 2017 that culminated in the submission of a petition to the British Government to prevail on the Nigerian government to halt the escalating killings by the Herdsmen but Four years later, the situation remained unabated due to some tribal bigots and sycophants in the corridors of power downplaying this dangerous trend”

“The Benue state government acted responsibly and was courageous not minding the political outcome, enacted the Open Grazing and Ranches Establishment Law to protect her citizens against these criminal elements which many state governments have since followed suit. However, it is quite an irony that Governor Bala Mohammed would throw vitriolic attack on the Benue State Governor ”

“One wonders why an elected Governor would openly support criminals illegally bearing arms while attacking a colleague who courageously signed a law to protect her citizens”

“While most Nigerians/groups are working on de-escalating the rising ethnic tensions, and encouraging regional and gender-specific approaches toward ending the spate of insecurity, the recent comments by the Governor of Bauchi State, encouraging Herdsmen to carry guns to protect themselves is quite unfortunate and should be condemned by all well-meaning Nigerians”

“For the records, the Tivs in Bauchi State do not go about killing, kidnapping, raping and destroying farms of their host, but are law abiding going about their legitimate businesses. We are urging Governor Bala Mohammed and his cohorts with such parochial mindset not to reduce this grave threat to National security to tribal bickering”

A statement signed by Ms Salome Biam Publicity Secretary (MUTUK) said Civilised nations have long embraced ranching as a way of rearing cattle and we believe that is the way forward in restoring peace amongst farmers, herdsmen in Nigeria. Its an indictment on the Federal Government to be giving flimsy excuses while allowing increasing killings, rape, kidnapping by Herdsmen to spread from the middle belt Southward.

While rebuking Governor Bala Mohammed for his unguarded utterances, we are calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to show leadership and the political will rather than maintaining a studied silence before the utterances of sycophants and accidental leaders provoke a civil war. We also call on the National Assembly to urgently pass an anti-open grazing law as obtainable in other climes devoid of tribal and sectional leanings that would restore peace and trust amongst the citizenry.

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