Joseph Ekuwem: Politics in Nigeria synonymous with lies, deceit

Joseph Ekuwem

The Catholic Archbishop of Calabar, Most Rev. Joseph Ekuwem, has said that politics in Nigeria is now synonymous with lies and deceit.

Ekuwem made the remark in Calabar while delivering the message of Pope Francis for the Celebration of the 52nd World Day of Peace, January 1, 2019.

“Politics in Nigeria has become synonymous with lies and deceit. Politics has gained a bad name from what it was originally,” he said.

He said good politics is at the service of peace, adding that the quest for power at any price leads to abuses and injustice.

According to him, politics is an essential means of building human community and institutions.

“When political life is not seen as a form of service to society as a whole, it can become a means of oppression, marginalisation and even destructive.

“Nigerians must reject the offer of gifts and money from politicians as a way of enticing them to vote in 2019.

“We want credible people who have the fear of God to be in leadership positions. That is why the Catholic Church is encouraging her members to participate in politics,” he said.

He further said that the church encourages credible and truthful politics, adding that members of the Catholic Church have been encouraged to get their PVCs.

Ekuwem also advised the political class to shun misappropriation of public resources, exploitation of people, denial of rights, flouting of community rules and the justification of power by force.

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