Italy pledges more closer ties with Nigeria

The Consul-General of Italy in Lagos, Dr Maurizio Busanelli, has restated his home government’s commitment to strengthening ties with Nigeria in the years ahead.

Busanelli gave the reassurance in Lagos at the celebration of the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the Italian Republic on Saturday night.

The consul-general said that the anniversary’s celebration in Lagos was not only an opportunity to celebrate the identity of Italians, but to strengthen the bonds that joined Italy and Nigeria.

“Tonight we are here to remember and celebrate the historical choice made by the Italian people through a referendum in 1946 which established the Republic of Italy, after the end of the Second world war.

“Italy and Nigeria enjoy strong economic ties. Many Italian entrepreneurs and many important Italian companies are present in Nigeria since a long time.

“The anniversary of the founding of the Republic which we recognise today thus represent not only a solemn opportunity to celebrate the identity of Italians, but also our friendship with Nigerian people and our commitment to further strengthen the bonds which join us,” he said.

The envoy said that the June 1946 referendum, election of the constituent assembly and the adoption of the Constitution in 1947 had marked Italy’s national identity at that time.

Busanelli said that Italy had been transformed and refounded in a democratic and modern sense,through the referendum and the adoption of the new Constitution.

“We recognise here in particular, the core values at the base of our unity, which are freedom, democracy, equality, and peaceful coexistence between peoples.

“These are the shared values which bind us and that we celebrate tonight, in close friendship with the country which hosts us, Nigeria,” he said.

The celebration afforded Italians the opportunity to interact, eat and danced with their Nigerian Partners, friends and members of the diplomatic community.

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