Insecurity: Christian leaders push for implementation of the National Confab report

Christian leaders under the United Nigerian Chaplaincy Corps (UNCC) have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to revisit the recommendations of the national confab organised by the former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Briefing reporters on the international peace conference scheduled to hold in Abuja this week, leader of the group, Professor Jidejisos Josiah Ejieh, noted that some of the decisions reached in the national confab are critical for the development of the country.

Professor Ejieh pointed out that decisions of the confab which dealt with the issues of ethnicity, a rotational presidency and other national issues, are very necessary for the country to move forward and achieve national growth and development.

“Let the present administration revisit the confab decisions. This is a confab in which all tribes and regions of the country came together to talk. So, there is a need to revisit it for national development.

“I believe that if we must enjoy peace in Nigeria, Nigerians should allow anybody who is at the helm of affairs to carry everybody along in governance, not just carrying some section of the country. And also we should allow every Nigerian to contribute his or her quota to national development because every Nigerian is needed in the development of the country,” he said.

Ejieh, who also an international commandant general of chaplains for the Corps, added that this year’s UNCC conference is particularly important since it aims at re-strategising and putting Nigeria where it ought to be in the comity of nations.

He said that, according to the findings of the Corps, the major problems facing Nigeria are insecurity, joblessness and disunity, adding that dialogue rather than conflict is a first step toward solving them.

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