IGP: Kwara most peaceful state in Nigeria

The Inspector-General of Police (IG), Usman Alkali Baba, has described Kwara State as the most peaceful state in Nigeria.

The Inspector-General of Police (IG), Usman Alkali Baba, has described Kwara State as the most peaceful state in Nigeria.

Speaking with officers and men of the Police Force during his visit to Ilorin, the state capital, Wednesday, Baba charged his men to rededicate themselves to the ideal of policing and to shun anything that could dent the image of the Force.

“You’re here doing the job of law enforcement officers. Most of us serving here must have come from other parts of the country. It is Nigeria Police, it is not Kwara Police or Ilorin Police.

“So, we must dedicate ourselves to do more. However, I want to congratulate you that Kwara State is the most peaceful state compared to many others,” Baba said.

The IG also clarified that community policing is a voluntary vocation meant for people who have jobs but only want to give back to their society by helping to keep it safe.

The clarification came on the heels of suggestions that the government is meant to pay some community police constabularies that were recently inducted across the country, including Kwara State.

“For those who are interested in the community policing project, community police officers are supposed to be people who have lawful means of livelihood. It is not a paid job. Community police officers are not going to be paid. They are people who have the interest of protecting their community, who would volunteer service to their community at their own leisure hours, maybe after closing from work, market or their businesses, and come together in support of their community and try to provide service.

“We have made a lot of efforts to train those who are interested and we are also training more. Our training is just for them to have rudiments of policing, rudiments of crime prevention and control. The training is for them to know the rules of ‘dos and don’ts’. These are some of the aspects of the things we do,” he said.

He urged police officers in the state to remain committed to their duties and to be ethical in doing so.

According to him, “Nobody eliminates crimes completely from any society but you can mitigate or reduce it to the barest minimum. When you reduce crimes to the barest minimum, people will go about their lawful businesses. When you enforce law and order, the society will be a society where impunity is brought down and other forms of lawlessness will not be there.

“When you dedicate yourself to your job as a law enforcement officer, you have your reward not only here but also in heaven because it is a social service. This uniform will give you your paradise and it can also give you your hell. Depending on how you wear it and how you want to work with it.

“I am here to encourage you. I am here to support you. I am here to tell you that there is no problem that I do not know that you will tell me about the Nigeria Police but there is hope at the end of the tunnel. It is our welfare that we’re not working on? We are working on it. It is the logistics to do the work?

“We are working on it. It is our place of abode, our accommodation? We are working on it. And very soon, we will provide you with uniforms and working tools. We will provide you with the equipment. We will improve your pension; we will improve your emoluments. The federal government is ready.”

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