Beni Lar

Chairperson, House of Representatives Committee on Science and Technology, Hon. Beni Lar, has revealed that the country has some homemade drones and other scientific innovations to track and detect terrorists and Kidnappers in their locations.

He pleaded with Nigerians not to lose hope, assuring that the drones will soon be deployed.

Lar spoke after being honoured with an award of excellence for delivering tangible innovations in the science and technology sector of the economy by the Federal College of Veterinary and Medical Laboratory Technology, Vom, Plateau State on Thursday in Abuja.

The team was led by the Provost of the College, Associate Professor Okwari A. E. J.

She said: “Today, as we all know, we have a great challenge of insecurity. However, I must say that not all hope should be lost. We should look on the brighter side and also realize that with technology, we can overcome all the security issues that we are facing.

“Why do I say this? We have drones. We also have homegrown innovations that have come out in the security sector. With them, their homes can be tracked and their caves are located.

“However, we believe that with time, this technology will be deployed to not only address terrorism, kidnappings and so on but to bring about the scientific status of this country.”

Expressing her gratitude to the College for the award with regards to her numerous contributions to the College, Lar who represents Langtang North and South Federal Constituency of Plateau State said the honour indicated that they were being watched by the public.

“It is with great joy and pleasure that I receive this honour bestowed on me in recognition of innovation and digital transformations to the science and technology sector. It is my joy and privilege to note that society is watching all the legislators and keeping track of what we actually do here in the National Assembly. The role of the legislators cannot be overemphasized in transforming this country in all its ramifications.

“Thank you for recognizing my effort and I know by God’s grace, I will do more than I have done in the past”, she said.

The lawmaker identified unemployment as one of the causes of insecurity, government raise the budgetary allocation of the security from its N4billion to enable it to achieve the desired objectives.

One of the greatest causes of insecurity is unemployment. We have about 34 unemployment rate in Nigeria, about the worst in the world. The only way we can stem this rising tide of insecurity is by providing employment for the youths and provide our sector, science and technology, skills, empowerment, resource innovations and so many things.

“We want the youths to have that mindset that they can succeed on their own without government jobs. If you are in a rural area, take advantage of it.

“I think the total allocation of the sector was about N4bn. We do not need to import the things that we need because our researchers will be producing them here and our commercial sector will be linking up.

“Very soon, this country will be competing with Asian giant to continue in this direction. But insecurity problem has to be tackled and I am glad that the government has agreed to increase the budgetary allocation to this sector.

Speaking earlier before presenting the award, the College Provost, Okwari extolled the legislative ingenuity of the lawmaker, saying she has been of immense assistance to the college.

“We have been touched in many ways and the particular one that made us be here today, I must say it, for a whole long time, we have been looking for opportunities particularly the one that had to do with piloting the affairs of administration and she has been useful to us. This is somebody that we can call on the phone at any time and she would be there for us.

“Following her track record, we felt we should honour and that’s why we are here today”, the Provost said.

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