Group proposes unicameral legislature, scrapping of Senate

The Plateau Progressive forum (PPF) has suggested parliamentary form of government for the country as it opts for Unicameral Legislature, saying that the senate should be abolished.

The group also adopts zoning of political offices for the offices of the president and the governors, recommending one term of five years for each of them but that the president should have six vice presidents.

Alexander Kwapnoe, Nankin Bagudu, Batholomew Nyenlong, Danjuma Usman and Ibrahim Sale on behalf of the PPF, made their suggestions in a statement yesterday.

The group also maintained that all the items in the exclusive legislative list as contained in the 1999 constitution be moved to concurrent legislative list and residual list.

On creation and merger of states, it said the procedure for the creation of states and boundary adjustment in the 1999 constitution is too cumbersome which makes it impossible to create new states and adjust boundaries.

The group suggested that derivation be increased from 13 percent to 20 percent. It also advocated the delisting mining from the exclusive list and made a state affair while raw materials got from mining should be processed form primary to secondary raw materials through mineral processing companies before they are exported.

According to the group, the country should maintain the status quo by federating units while fiscal federalism and revenue allocation to the federal government should be at 35 percent and states at 65 percent.

While pushing for local government autonomy and the maintenance of the present land tenure system, the group endorsed independent candidature in politics. It added that local governments should be removed from the constitution so that each state would be free to create its local government.

According to Plateau State Governor, Simon Bako Lalong, who was represented by the Commissioner for Lands Survey and Town Planning, Festus Fuanter, the aim of the constitution review is to fashion out ways of promoting the tenets of democracy for the unity and progress of Nigeria as a country.

Nasarawa State Governor, Umar Tanko Al-Makura, who was the chairman at the event, said constitution review should be taken carefully as whatever contributions made were only advisory to the national assembly.

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