Group backs President Buhari on anti-corruption campaign

President Muhammadu Buhari has told striking doctors and other health workers to return to their duty posts, saying embarking on industrial action when Nigerians need them the most is not the best action.

Amidst blames and counter-blames by politicians of both the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposition parties over the former’s anti-corruption policy, a non-political group, Alliance for Good Governance (AGG) has thrown its weight behind President Muhammadu Buhari in his principled mission to rescue the nation from stinking corruption quagmire.

Consequently, the organisation has passionately pleaded with the president to remain firm, resolute and undeterred in his worthy adventure to restore the nation to its lost glory as the giant of Africa and the most corruption-free entity in Africa.

In a letter addressed to President Buhari, a copy of which was made available to journalists, the director of the group, Dr Hassab Lamu, regretted that some highly placed Nigerians who are expected to be crusaders and reliable apostles of the president’s war against corruption had become mere white sepulchre and wolves in sheep clothing by saying one thing and doing the opposite.

Lamu argued that such black sheep within the corridors of power should be flushed out to strengthen the vision for a greater Nigeria, adding that no sacred cow working at cross purposes should be spared.

Specifically, he wants the president to beam his anti-corruption searchlight on all alleged corrupt practices perpetrated by some privileged individuals in the society.

Lamu, however, lauded the president for his unassailable giant strides in various sectors of the nation’s economy such as the massive provision of infrastructure, including roads construction, accountability in government, education, health, agriculture, science and technology, research and above all, sustained fight against insurgency.

This, he said had vindicated him as an exemplary leader with the lofty vision to bequeath lasting legacies to Nigerians and future generations to emulate.

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