Foundation helps five widows to establish their businesses

Givers Supportive Foundation founder, Ambassador Ologbenla Babatunde Smith, has given cash to five widowed to enable them establish their businesses and in turn provide for their respective families and themselves.

Acutely aware of the prevailing poverty in the country and worsening economic conditions in the land, Givers Supportive Foundation, has been contributing it’s fair quota in the alleviation of poverty in Nigeria since its establishment in August, 2018

Ologbenla Babatunde Smith, an Ile Ife, Osun State born philanthropist.per excellence, whose devotion to charitable causes is legendary and not in doubt, has been at the forefront of reshaping the narrative when it comes to charity works, as he has done a lot of empowerment programmes since his non-governmental organization came on stream.

At the latest social enhancement project, Givers Supportive Foundation’s boss, Ambassador Ologbenla Babatunde Smith, went to the homes of five widows to give then sufficient cash to startup the business of their choice

Speaking upon presenting the cash for business start-up to the five widows, Ambassador Ologbenla Babatunde Smith, said Givers Supportive Foundation was fully committed to the alleviation of poverty in the country.

Ambassador Ologbenla Babatunde Smith, while pleading with the five benefiting widows, to make good use of the funds from Givers Supportive Foundation and not to divert the funds into private use, urged the five women without husbands to be diligent, hardworking and determined as they strive to make ends meet.

The founder of Givers Supportive Foundation, promised that the widows who properly utilised the funds from the foundation would get further assistance from his NGO if the need for such arises.

In the words of Ologbenla Babatunde Smith, “I want to urge you to make judicious use of these funds to startup your businesses. This money is not being given to you to use to buy food and eat at home. It is for you to buy things that you will sell and make money back.

“This money is being given to you to buy things that you can trade with or buy things that will enhance your handwork like sewing machines or materials for making cake and snacks, so that you can sell and make profit back.

“I am using this channel to tell you that what we are giving you today is to help you start your business and not for you to convert into personal needs. Your personal needs are secondary. What is primary or i portant is to do something that will bring in something. Don’t go and eat your capital because if you do so, you will remain in poverty. A word is enough for the wise”, added the founder of Givers Supportive Foundation, Ologbenla Babatunde Smith.

These words from Ologbenla Babatunde Smith were taken seriously by the five widows, who vowed to wisely deploy the cash into the funding of their respective businesses

In a follow up visit to the five widows in their various homes and business locations, the owner of Givers Supportive Foundation, Ologbenla Babatunde Smith, was pleased and happy to see that the widows who the non-governmental organisation gave cash to start their businesses, support funds, have started their businesses and were doing well off.

Expressing his happiness at what he saw, the founder of Givers Supportive Foundation, Ologbenla Babatunde Smith, said it was satisfying to see that lives have been transformed by the funds provided by his foundation and admonished the widows to continue managing their businesses appropriately.

According to Ologbenla Babatunde Smith, “what I saw today is so heartwarming because after giving all these five widows financial support to start their respective businesses, I will come back seven days later to see how you are faring.

“And to my greatest amazement and satisfaction, I am so delighted to see all five widows doing very well in their businesses and taking good care of their families from the proceeds in the business engagements.

“Five of you have done well and I want to urgent you to continue working harder as you strive to take your businesses to the next level of greatness and success. The key to business growth is discipline If you stay true to the cause, success wil be your portion”, added Ologbenla Babatunde Smith.

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