A new radical political movement, The Peoples Alternative Political Movement, (TPAP-Movement) has rolled out several socio-political programes to save Nigeria from imminent economic and moral collapse in the hands of what it described as corrupt and visionless elite.

In a statement issued yesterday by a human rights lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Mr. Femi Falana; Mr. Jaye Gaskiya and Prof. Toye Olorode, the group said it would mend a divided country and bring hope where there was despair.

It called on Nigerians, workers, students, women, youths and defenceless people alike to be ready to confront the exploitative system in order to secure eternal freedom from anguish and misery.

According to the statement, the new political movement was being promoted by a rainbow coalition of labour, civil society and community-based organisations spread across the country.

The group said only a radical intervention would save the country from shipwreck.

“The founders of the new movement are the country’s labour movement, farmers unions, women groups and hundreds of civil society organisations spread across the country,” the statement said.

TPAP-Movement said Nigeria was at a perilous crossroads with the deteriorating socio-economic situations in the face ridiculous living conditions of citizens and extremely poor quality of life.

“We have started to build alliances in the creeks, in the forest lands, in the savannah, in the desert, in the plateau and plain fields where poor and toiling masses of Nigerians live,” it said.

The movement said since the inauguration of the current 4th Republic in 1999, Nigerian has been a gradual slid into possible implosion.

“We are very clear about the root causes of our existential crisis. We shall mobilise Nigerians irrespective of religion, creed and norms to establish a new country that will be the pride of Africa. Nigeria shall be great again’ the Movement said.

The group said the ruling elite were incompetent, greedy, exploitative, destructive with its repressive capitalist system over which it presides.

“We are equally not ambiguous about what is ultimately required to address the crisis and salvage our country and her peoples – the displacement of crooks and looters from power, and the elevation of the working class and masses to a state where they can exercise real control and management of their political and economic future. On insecurity, the group said the result of the decades of misrule is seen in terrorism, killings and a dominant atmosphere of fear and trembling,” it explained.

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