Some of the victims of the attack that took place at Umuogodo-akpu Community in Ngbo, Ohaukwu Local Government Area of the State is still taking refuge in various locations in the area as the affected villages are said to be in a mourning state.

Ogba Ngozi who spoke to Newsmen said was yet to see her husband even as her husband’s brother was killed during an unfortunate incident.

She said: “All our houses were burnt, chased us out and killed us. Fulani Herdsmen and Agil people carried it out. It started today; they chased us out. Look at how we are dressed since the early hours of today.

“Government should please come to our aid and stop this killing because we are almost finished. I have not seen my husband and my husband’s brothers were killed, their names are Chidiebere and Emmanuel Nwalinwajoku

“We were inside our houses before we wake up early this morning we were hearing gunshot everywhere and they were coming near us, we started running. While we still running we had that they have started killing even my neighbour was killed.

“That you saw us here is because the situation has come down and we went to collect some food we will eat. When we got home we discovered that our houses has been burnt. They killed one man called Abannani. They destroyed our properties, like Sawing machines, motorbikes.

“Government should come to our rescue because there is no life in us again. We are going to take refuge somewhere and all my children are on the run since morning. No food or water. Am still looking for them. My name is Ngozi Ebenyi Onwe.”

Another survivor, Christopher Elechi Agu-Elebe explained that the attack took place in the morning by Agila people.

“Early this morning at about 6:15 AM, the people of Agile attacked us. They started shooting before we could check to find out what is happening they have killed so many persons both houses were burnt. We are just coming back from where we went to pick our village man who was killed called Emmanuel Ali.

“We could not ascertain those who carried out the attack because the gunmen were armed, but we have a common boundary with the people of Agila and we have been aged long land dispute with them. They came from there and went back from there.”

According to another survivor, Alike Victory lamented that their children had been killed and that they do not know where to run to.

“What happened this morning is giving us concern. They killed all our children, we don’t know where to run to. We are saying if Government can come to our aid please they should do things that are getting tougher.

“We don’t know what to do. People’s houses are burnt, people’s children who were sleeping their head was chopped off, we don’t know what to do government should come to our aid.”

According to Onwe Sunday: “We were sleeping in our houses this morning when unknown gunmen attacked us, killing us. We know that they are from Agila because we have aged long boundary dispute.

“And they came from the same place and went back from destroying properties, we were surprised. Government should come to our aid because we don’t know what led to this kind of killing. Hunger everywhere, a problem everywhere.”

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