Debo Adeniran: Corruption can only be tackled from grassroots

President Muhammadu Buhari has been adviced to evolve means of implementing anti-graft war at the grassroots levels in order to completely stamp out the menace across the country.

The Executive Chairman, Centre For Anti Corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL), Debo Adeniran, gave the suggestion in Osogbo, Osun State capital, at a feedback capacity building workshop for anti corruption crusade at the grssroot.

He told President Buhari that corruption cannot be completely eradicated and tackled from the top but rather the menace should be confronted from the grassroot level.

The group had earlier organised a capacity building workshop for anti corruption crusaders at the grassroot level and it was a forum where the implications of corruption on economic social and political development of the country were discussed.

The workshop, which had representatives from different pressure groups around Osun State, dwelt more on the importance of grassroot dwellers getting involved in the fight against the prevalence of corruption in Nigeria.

Adeniran while addressing the participants, Adeniran said the group was satisfied with the feedback it receieved from the people, adding that fight against corruption needed grassroots support to have bite.

He said all hands must be on deck to ensure that the menace of corruption was kicked out of the country, adding that to maximise impact, citizens needed to be fully involved and aware of anti-graft strategies because they are ideally placed to challenge corruption at the local level.

According to him, citizens needed a minimum understanding of their rights and entitlements in order to evaluate public service performance. Capacity building to ensure citizens have this information, he noted, was, therefore, essential in social accountability initiatives.

“We are satisfying with the feedback , it will work if people at the grassroot would have engaged their state actors and questioning them on how they have utilised the resources that are available to them and to have expressed their dissatisfaction when they are dissatisfied, and praise the government where they have performed well. Without the support and efforts of the people at the grassroot, it would be very difficult to curb corruption in our society.

“We have done public lectures; we have organized capacity building workshops for all the participants here and the present section is to call for feedback on how are they utilizing the training that they have gotten on how to curb corruption using grassroot paradigm.

“Corruption is claimed to be fought at the upper echelon of the society and we discovered not much have been achieved using the upper class of the society, so we are now changing the paradigm to grassroots because grassroots elements have a lot to play they have a lot of information that they can extract facts from.”

“They have the background of those that are governing them , they know how much they could have made from their legitimate earning and what they would have utilized it for.

“So we have to build their capacity to recognise corruption in different form, different size, different types and different kinds, different access, how to identify it and who to report to and how to give evidence of corruption against those who have corrupt in the society.”

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