Cleric: Nigeria has leaders without mission

General Overseer of Abundance Pentecostal Mission International, Bishop Victor David Enweruzo, has said the development of Nigeria has been stunted because of leaders without agenda or sense of mission.

In a statement, the cleric said Nigerians have become cynical of the political leadership in the country, as “they have been misled, betrayed and therefore, no longer believe most of the elected office holders.”

Bishop Enweruzo said Nigerian leaders’ approach to issues of national importance was “simply comical,” emphasising that the country has had at the helm of affairs, “leaders whose sole mission was to run the country aground.

“Nigeria has become a land that thrives in political instability and unworkable systems. Rather than the nation being an ideal one, it is nothing but an ordeal.

“The elected representatives have chosen to represent themselves and their families. Corruption and self-adulation have taken over the affairs of the country. Evasiveness, ingratiation, sycophancy and love of money rules the day.”

According to him, the perspective of Nigerian leadership can be clearly grasped when x-rayed under a system of periodisation based on the following historical eras – pre-colonial and colonial era.

It is also worthy of note that contemporary political orientation of Nigerians also revolves around tribal loyalty, religions bigotry, political partisanship and nepotism.

“Ever since the First Republic, Nigeria has not succeeded in building a salutary political infrastructure that would enabled it to sustain a stable, vibrant and lasting democracy,” Bishop Enweruzo said.

The spiritual father said for the country to progress, “our leaders must clearly identify the various disparities, which are apparent in our pluralistic set-up and tackle them head long.

“That our abiding quest for unity, prosperity, mutual respect and peaceful co-existence, requires a leader with an uncommon vision, courage, dedication, experience and foresightedness, that the twenty first century driven by hi-tech demands.

“And again the understanding of the country’s peculiar political terrain must be the driving force of the next Nigeria president.”

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