Cleric charges media on patriotism

President of EL-Buba Outreach Ministries, Prophet Isa El-Buba, has said there are demonic Fulani sent to destroy Nigeria, urging the Church to intensify prayers and speak with one voice.

Prophet Isa El Buba of the Evangelical Bible Outreach Ministries International, EBOMI, has called on mass media practitioners in Nigeria to stand by the truth and exhibit uncommon courage as the country relies on the patriotism of critical stakeholders like the media to survive the trials and turbulent times it is passing through.

In a meeting with journalists recently in Jos, El Buba, who is also the Vice President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, urged the media to continue on the path of truth and doggedness that it has exhibited so far or destroy itself and the future of Nigeria if it attempts or accepts to compromise its ideals and constitutional responsibilities.

“I want to encourage and strengthen the Nigerian press to stand on the path of truth. There is no amount of money you can ever be bought with. Your profession is one of the most unique professions on earth. We are proud of you as a Nigerian journalist and it is time you speak out the truth,” El Buba said.

The Cleric, who also used the occasion to take a swipe on the Northern elite, blamed them for the underdevelopment and backwardness of the region and the social maladies plaguing its people.

He accused the northern elite of manipulating religion and using same to confuse and control the masses region and particularly carpeted the Hisbah Islamic doctrine in Kano which the elite use to denounce and chase the masses and deny them their livelihood, while the same authorities look the other way when the elites indulge in the same practices condemned by Hisbah.

El Buba also denounced the habit and tendency by these elites to brand any attack or face-off with any Fulani as an attack on Islam, noting that it is not true that any attack on a Fulani man is an attack on Islam. He said, “It is not! Any attack on a Fulani man is not Islamic in any way. No one should try to combine and confuse that with the evil that is ongoing. We must try to separate religion from the wickedness that is going on. The Christians and Muslims must exist together. We cannot, as Christians and Muslims in northern Nigeria afford to live without and away from each other”.

On how the North can continue to forge ahead as one, El Buba said, “We must believe in each other and one another for us to live as one”.

He admonished the northern elite to the effect that their time is winding up. “The masses will revolt against you and it will become impossible for you to continue your deceit and manipulation”. On the other hand, El Buba charged the Northern masses “to protect the glory of the North, and give peace a chance. ”

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