Chinese envoy urges consensus for Nigeria’s development

The Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Ambassador Cui Jianchun, has said that the trade volume between his country and Nigeria was $20bn in 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Nigeria, Cui Jianchun, has called on Nigerian and African political parties and leaders to embrace lofty ideals and clear performance objectives built around a consensus for development instead of rancorous competition for power.

The envoy stated this at the public presentation of a book, ‘A century of the Communist Party of China: Why Africa should engage its experience,’ written by the Director of Centre for Studies (CCS), Mr Charles Onunaiju, an expert on Chinese development and foreign affairs, in Abuja on Thursday.

The 255-page book was reviewed by Nigeria’s former Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Usman Sarki. It is a thrilling trajectory of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and its tremendous achievements in transforming the country from a backward agrarian society to a flourishing industrial giant with a high manufacturing capacity in the 100 years of the party’s existence.

Ambassador Jianchun cited the political development in his country, stressing that the CPC has been ruling the Asian giant for 100 years in cooperation with eight other parties which met regularly with the CPC to review its performance every five years.

He said further that like the CPC, every political party must have performance ideals and objectives and also be people-centred.

He said “The book gives an introspection and reflection of party politics and lays bare the secrets of the CPC and how it moved China from a backward to a progressively developing nation.

“The CPC has performance objectives which are reviewed every five years. Every party should and must-have performance ideals and lofty objectives. CPC is centred on the gross development progress of the people. Unity in diversity is important for the society and the CPC is centred on the people.”

The ambassador, who called for the export of more Nigerian goods to China, assured Nigerians that he will make this happen during his tenure in Nigeria. He added that the two countries could work together to harness their potential in human and material resources.

The author, Onunaiju lamented the inability of Nigerian political parties to drive national development, even as he urged them to learn from the way the CPC conducts its activities in China.

“The experience of the CPC is relevant to parties in Nigeria and Africa. In Africa, each time there is a party congress, we experience chaos. If there is any place development is needed, it is in Africa. We must find a common ground across party grounds on engaging policy questions that lead to development.

“Africans’ hard work is not paying off because of the political leadership.

If we gain one per cent of China’s $trillion market, it is a game-changer. Every party must commit itself to make people’s lives decent and meaningful,” he said.

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