You receive iTunes and Amazon gift cards every year from friends, uncles, and aunts; but don’t know what to do with it. Why not sell it? You ask yourself.

After all, the gift card industry is supposed to reach a whopping $160 Billion before the end of this year. Rather than let it waste away in the drawer, you may as well exchange it for Naira.

There is just one little problem, you don’t know where to sell iTunes and Amazon cards without getting cheated. Well, luckily for you, we do.

Gift cards are fast becoming one of the easiest ways to store and transfer value. An uncle can easily transfer an iTunes or Amazon gift card to a niece. Now, unlike five years ago when almost $1 Billion worth of gift cards were left unredeemed, recipients now know they can sell iTunes and Amazon cards for Naira. People are now looking for a way to unlock that value.

Unfortunately, the money involved has made the trade attractive to scammers, scouring the internet for easy marks. This has made most gift card owners (including you) wonder if there is a safe platform to sell iTunes and Amazon cards without being cheated.

Yes, there is. Consider selling your iTunes and Amazon cards to Cardtonic. Now, we have raised an important question;

What is Cardtonic?

Cardtonic is an online gift card exchange that offers the service of unlocking the value held by your gift card. Yes, you can sell iTunes and Amazon cards, but you can also sell other gift cards on Cardtonic. These include Google Play, Walmart, Target gift card, etc.

Why should you sell your card on this platform, you ask? The reason can be summarized into one word; integrity.

You want a platform that can be trusted with your cards. That is exactly what you get with Cardtonic. In addition, you’ll be selling at a great rate and enjoy a flexible payment option.

What You Need to Sell iTunes and Amazon Cards on Cardtonic

There are some basic items you need to have before considering this platform. These are;

  1. A gift card to sell (iTunes, Amazon, Steam, Google Play, Walmart, etc.)
  2. An internet device (Phone, tablet or computer)
  3. A Bank account or Bitcoin wallet
  4. A good camera to snap the gift card (Optional)

If you have all the items outlined above (especially the first item), proceed to the next subheading.

Steps to Sell iTunes and Amazon cards on Cardtonic

There are five steps to take in selling your gift card on Cardtonic. They are outlined below;

Step One

Visit the website at On your internet device. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. So, it should be fairly easy to find your way around.

Step Two

Use the rate calculator provided on this platform to check the value of your card. This is not a difficult process. Simply select the brand, input the denomination and click on the “calculate” icon. The rate at which your card will be purchased should pop up easily.

If you have any more question about the rate, please contact a Cardtonic sales agent.

Step Three

It’s time to click on the “Trade Now” icon. However, there is something you must do first. Check the validity of your gift card. Yes, you can do it without redeeming it. This is to ensure an even smoother transaction.

After confirming the validity of the iTunes and Amazon cards you intend to sell, click on “Trade now”.

Step Four

You’ll be redirected to a Cardtonic sales agent on WhatsApp messenger. There are two details needed to complete this step. These include the gift card you intend to sell and your account details (or Bitcoin address). This stage should be completed within five minutes of providing the details.

This is because Cardtonic needs to be sure your gift card is redeemable. Once everyone is sure, we move to the final step.

Step Five

You’re about to get paid. Now, your account should be credited immediately, depending on the account details provided. All you have to do is sit back, grab a cup of tea, and wait for your alert.

On a Final Note

Most business ventures involve a level of risk, and gift card exchange is no different. However, you can minimize your risk by dealing with direct loaders like Cardtonic.

While the great rate, fast payment and the easy transaction are enticing, the best thing about selling itunes gift cards on Cardtonic is that we can be trusted. In the end, that’s what matters.


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