1004 Estate Victorial Island Lagos

The attention of the Incorporated Trustees (BOT) of 1004 Homeowners and Residents Association (HORA) has been drawn to a video and some negative communications making the rounds on the social and print media.

The BOT wishes to inform the general public that the BOT, being the legal body of the Association, remains the custodian of all assets of the Estate as enshrined in the constitution. The BOT is comprised of 8 men and women of impeccable character and experience who continue to perform their Trusteeship duties without fear or favor to the benefit of the estate. The attempt by the publisher of the video and writings online to tarnish the reputation of the BOT and indeed the Chairman of the BOT, Mr Tayo Soetan along with other homeowners and the Exco Chairman is most unfortunate and will be legally addressed.

The BOT views the misleading video being circulated of 1004 Estate as an attempt by a sponsored group of persons known and unknown to further devalue the investment of homeowners and create the narrative of decay and crisis. Falsehood is their daily currency.

For the avoidance of doubt, the BOT stands as one body and remains so to date.

The BOT is not involved in the day to day management of the estate as that is the sole preserve of the Exco as determined by the constitution working through appointed Facility managers. The BOT will continue to uphold its oversight functions as deemed necessary.

The Exco will respond appropriately to the operational/ financial accusations contained in the video and online publications.

The BOT enjoins the press to be circumspect in respect to what is being fed to to them and engage in true journalism before they go public.

Thank you,

Signed for and on behalf of the Incorporated Trustees of 1004 HORA

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