AMORC: Societal pressure fuels corruption

The Rosicrucian Order otherwise known as AMORC, has linked the spate of corruption to societal expectations and pressures from supporters and family members of politicians and government officials.

Its Grand Administrator and Member, Supreme Board, Kenneth Idiodi, stated this yesterday in Abuja during its convention, entitled, ‘Self-mastery for Service.’

The event was also attended AMORC’s Imperator, and President of the Supreme Grand Lodge, Claudio Mazzucco, Johnson Ikube amongst others.

According to him, “there is a tendency to idolize people who are rich. On the other hand, those who are poor are seen as wretched.

“It is unfortunate but true that when you are poor, society makes you feel like you are nobody. This attitude has driven a lot of people to seek for wealth by all means possible.

“We have seen this attitude among some of the persons seeking to become members of AMORC. The reasons they give for wishing to become members is generally to have the power to invoke riches into their lives.

“Some of them lose interest when we explain to them that the Order is actually about self-mastery through the study and practical application of universal laws.

“However, some remain interested and choose to join with the hope that their original request will be granted once they become members. From the moment they are admitted into the Order, they spare no effort in looking for the metaphorical goose that lays the golden egg.

“In so doing they fail to see from real gold in the practical Rosicrucian principles for health, happiness, and peace contained in their monographs.

“One such member approached an officer of the Order to complain about his poor financial condition which had persisted even after one year of membership.”

He added that, “In a bid to make a philosophical point to the member, the officer asked him what would be his choice if he had the option of being very rich but unhappy on one hand, or being very happy but without having a lot of money on the other hand.

“Without hesitation, the member responded by saying he would rather be rich and unhappy! This kind of answer reveals a deep problem in the mentality of a significant number of persons in every society and poses a serious challenge to general security and happiness.

“The glamour surrounding material wealth has become so alluring that many are prepared to forsake decency, principles, honour, and even happiness in order to acquire it.

“Is there really any value in wealth that destroys happiness? Should wealth not rather be contributing to happiness? If we all learn to seek wealth only for its contribution to happiness, and not just for the sake of having it, there would be more happiness in the world.”

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