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A Professor of Economics, University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Chris Ekong, has cautioned against the entitlement sense of some States in the Niger Delta over the ownership of the resources sharing in the region.

According to him, this disposition must stop if the people of the region must live and work together as a uni-regional entity.

Professor Ekong spoke against the backdrop of the agitations by some Ijaw and Urhobo groups against the appointment of Effiong Akwa as the Sole Administrator of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

Ekong, a former Commissioner for Sports in the state, noted that currently Akwa Ibom State alone contributes to about 40% of Nigeria’s total oil production, and 80% of that contribution is from Oron nation where Akwa comes from.

He said, “let us look at the NDDC issue from a rational point of view and not from the Akpabio’s spectrum, which is garnished with conspiracy theories.

When Akpabio facilitated the IMC for the Commission with the FG suspending the earlier approved Board nominated by the President and approved by the National Assembly, hell was not let loose because Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta States (the core Ijaw States) of the Niger Delta were well positioned.

“When the only representative on the IMC from Akwa Ibom State died, there were no protests by the acclaimed owners of the Niger Delta, even for a quick replacement or supporting the youths of Eket nation who call for reasons for the demise of their son. .

“When the Prof Pondei’s led IMC disgraced the Niger Delta and Nigerians on international live TV coverage of fraud in NDDC at the National Assembly, the agitators did not raise any adverse voice to protest him out of office.

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