Akwa Ibom State Governor Udom Emmanuel says it is unsafe to reopen schools in the state in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State has reiterated his commitment and determination to the actualization of his administration’s completion agenda.

Emmanuel spoke during the swearing in ceremony of the newly elected Local government council Chairmen and Vice Chairmen on Monday in Uyo.

His words, “You have been elected to serve your people diligently at a tough time. Serving the people at this time, according to the Bible, falls under end times. Serving the people at this end times is a difficult task. You have to bear that in mind. Let me also charge you that you are elected to work.

“We have only one government, one state and we are of one people. We are developing a state where we don’t place much emphasis on the party you belong to, but what you can do for your people and what you can do to help us achieve what we want to achieve.

“Political party is just a platform but what matters most is God giving you that opportunity to serve. Every elected person is a servant of the most High God, you must realize that and act that way. So I charge you to work towards our completion agenda”

The governor who thanked all Akwa Ibom citizens across political party lines for their support towards the successful council election, advised those who lost out, not to spread falsehood about his government.

He charged the new Council leaders to always stay focused and know where they are going to, and not to be distracted by negative criticisms and political propaganda.

“The last local government election was adjudged the most peaceful ever since the creation of this state. If you could not win in the election don’t go through the back door to destabilize the state. We won’t allow that; nobody can accept or tolerate that.

”So please let’s know where to draw a line between politics and governance. There is a total difference between politics and governance. And we want to ensure that we give our people good governance. Please let’s work harmoniously for the peace and coexistence of our people.

“Let me also emphasize here that nobody should forget that the year 2020 had been a peculiar year. The entire economy of the world is in shambles and Akwa Ibom is not an exception. Akwa Ibom operates within Nigeria.

“So whatsoever affects Nigeria affects Akwa Ibom, whatever affects the whole world will affect Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. We should first of all thank God for life, because once there is life there is hope. The economy can be brought back, but you cannot bring back life”

Governor Emmanuel while clarifying some issues concerning Local government finances, said those using social media platforms to run down his government by alleging that state government takes local governments funds lied.

He disclosed that before this year runs out he would set up a platform tagged ‘Ask Me’ where he would field questions from the citizens regarding the State’s finances, and assured that he would be ready to account for the last penny.

”I can bet, from the Accountant General to the Commissioners can account for the last penny. If it is possible they can even be publishing the schedule so that you see. As at the time we came into office we met arrears of pensions of local government and primary School teachers. Today we’ve cleared all.

“Last month we had to intervene for some of our pensioners to be paid because of poor allocation. We must stop saying things that are negative, things that are untrue about a government that is trying to be transparent”, the governor stressed

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