Abuja: FHA accused of land grabbing, sale of waterways

Residents of Adkan Estate in Gwarimpa, Abuja have accused the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) of land grabbing, selling of lands on waterways and green areas.

The residents said the action of FHA had heightened insecurity in the area and caused severe erosions due to the blockade of waterways, which might turn dangerous during the rainy season.

Chairman Adkan Residents Estate Association, Kabir Abanbi said this at a briefing by residents of the estate in Abuja.

He said residents could no longer endure the frustrating, unconscionable and land grabbing by FHA, hence they are speaking out.

He said: “We can no longer endure the frustrating, unconscionable and downright land grabbing activities of the Federal Housing Authority, hence, the decision to speak out about our travails in recent times.

“Adkan Estate, Abuja Model City, Gwarinpa II was a project, which proposed to set up housing units with considerable thoughts devoted to housing design and neighbourhood planning.

‘’Within the estate was to be a District Centre meant to cater for the diverse needs to have a sustainable society. The District Centre was to house a recreational centre, a police station, a market and religious centres, among other things. Certain areas were also marked and designated as green areas. These were meant to complement the aesthetics in the estate. As one of the earliest estates, Adkan Estate was built in accordance with this plan.

“However, the prospect of residents enjoying these utilities was cut short as the Federal Housing Authority moved in to appropriate and sell off the land within the district centre for commercial purpose. The loss of what was designed to be the hub of the estate and to provide the much-needed services, particularly security was, needless to say, a blow to residents.This, naturally, led to incidence of insecurity, particularly rising cases of thefts within the estate and with the traffic left unmanned; a number of cases of children being knocked down by vehicles was reported.”

Head Public Affairs FHA, Kenneth Chigelu said: “The authority dissociates itself from the purported sales on the social media, of land in our Adkan model city estate. The sale is a scam and is not from Federal Housing Authority or any of its agents. The general public is, hereby, advised to beware.

“The purported sales of land along the the water ways by FHA is not only misleading, but malicious.

“The recent activity along that axis, is as a result of harmonisation and integration of all allocated plots and physical development along the Outer Northern Expressway (ONEX) by FCDA, with ministerial approval. FHA’s jurisdiction does not extend to the ONEX. Such authority is vested on the FCDA.

“The masterplan of Gwarinpa Estate is rested with FHA. It is, therefore, wrong to presume any undeveloped parcel of land around any neighbourhood as a recreational centre.

“Such a request from the residents of Adkan Estate is with the authority. We are working on it, with a claim that the land was given to them verbally by an Executive Director.

‘’We find this challenging since our allocations are not made verbally, and is usually signed by the Managing Director and Chief Executive.

‘’Without prejudice, the asuthority is doing everything we can to make our residents comfortable having on mind the dynamics of town planning.”

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