80 Nigerian participants at Korean tea ceremony – official

Miss Meeyoun Jee, cultural consultant at the Korean Cultural Centre (KCC) said no fewer than 80 Nigerians participated in the centres Tea Ceremony, to boost cultural relations with Nigeria.

Jee, who spoke with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Abuja said it was an initiative by the centre to further boost cultural ties with Nigeria.

She said that the idea behind the ceremony was to introduce to Nigerians how Koreans celebrate Tea Ceremony, which include the process of making a typical Korean tea called “Cha’’ and consumption.

“We want to introduce tea ceremony for Nigerians to know how Koreans love tea and the cultural tradition of tea in Korea.

“I demonstrated the tea ceremony very fast, but it is something you have to take time, however, you can enjoy it alone or with people.

“The benefit of the tea ceremony is to handle your mind; when you have some worries and complications, but the ceremony helps you concentrate and relax.

“However, consuming the tea does not elongate one’s life span, rather it slows down aging in human; it also helps in reducing the chances of developing cancer,’’ Jee said.

NAN reports that some Nigerians that participated in the ceremony expressed satisfaction with the process, describing it as another form of meditation and relaxation.

Miss Blessing Bako told NAN that the cultural preparation of the Korean tea which is done in absolute calmness allows for self reflection.“The tea taste very lovely; it is like orange juice with hot water and sugar or something like that.

“The tea is nice and healthy; I recommend it to Nigerians, it is very natural and healthy,’’ Bako said.

Another participant, Ibrahim Hyelabi said the Korean tea was unique describing the ceremony as “special.

“From the way it is being prepared, you will be anxiously expecting it to be served.

“The tea is natural and medicinal, it is liked orange and lime. If you take this, I think you will live longer,’’ Hyelabi said.

NAN reports that the KCC organises monthly cultural events to further boost cultural interactions between Nigerians and Koreans.

Meanwhile, the Centre has concluded plans to screen some Korean movies in March, to celebrate the Korean movie industry.

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