Technology has reduced issues of water borne diseases – expert

Technology has reduced issues of water borne diseases – expert

Ofor Anigokwe, the Chief Executive, Greengold Energy Nigeria, says that the use of technological tools in bole-hole drilling has reduced the issues of water-borne diseases in the country.

Anigokwe said this on Friday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja.

According to him, technology has not only improved the information sector, but every other area of human endeavour such as the health sector.

Anigokwe said: “Making use of solar energy technology since 2007, Greengold Nigeria went into solar power borehole drilling at that time our area of business was not about the borehole or water.

“But because of the prevalence of water borne diseases in the rural areas where they have challenges with electricity we had to power them using solar powered pumps.

“That exposed us to the reality and sufferings that people experience. Majority of the boreholes that you see in the country in rural communities are hand pumps.

“This means they are at a depth that the water is not purified for human consumption because of the nature of the soil and other reasons.

“We came across children that had diseases like rashes, adults with infections from water borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, diarrhea and stomach ache.


“We also came to realise that a lot of pressure was put on our primary health care institutions is as a result of basic

ailments that are caused by unpurified water.’’

The expert said with the aid of technological tools, the company was able to detect the right depth to get drinkable water source that alleviated the suffering of people.

He said: “So we now moved ahead from just re-drilling the bore holes to finding solutions to purify water even for people who do not have boreholes.

“Technology has helped to reduce the pressure on primary health care centres that had to contend with huge number of patients with very limited health facilities, especially in the northern part of the country.

“Apart from purifying bole-holes, the company has three other product types when it comes to water purification.’’

This, he said included universal water dispenser bottles which ensured that households do not have to keep buying water dispenser bottles at all time.

Others include dispenser bottles that can be put inside a dispenser and it helps to purify water from any source and filter it.

The chief executive maintained that all these were achieved because of the use of technology; adding that it promotes green environment and sustainable development.

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