2023: Middle Belt group throw weight behind South-East presidency

The Middle Belt Ethnic Youth Leaders Assembly has expressed its determination to support South-East Presidential ambition in 2023.

The President General of the Middle Belt group, Comrade Timothy Hembaor stated this during the inauguration of the National Movement for a Nigeria President of South-East Extraction 2023 held at Cordial Hotel, Enugu State on Sunday.

He said any attempt to deny the Igbo’s Presidency in 2023 will amount to injustice to the people of the South-East region

“South Easterners have recovered from the Civil War and have risen like the Phoenix and dominated the economy of this country. These are the only people who have spread across the landscape of Nigeria doing business

“ It is a mark of their resilience that they are still law-abiding and have invested massively in this country.

“ This clearly shows their love for Nigeria and they deserve the top job and we collectively owe them a debt of gratitude. “Their business and investment make their case irresistible.

“Could it be that Ndigbo has not built bridges of trust for them to be trusted? Trust, like love, is defined by action and the fact that they are all over the country proves the point of trust.

“You can only prove yourself by living with your neighbours the way Ndigbo (South East) have done and are still doing. Leading Nigeria should be a collective responsibility,” he said

“The most important message I have is that the youth of the Middle Belt are with you on this project and We will stand with you.

“We are with you as you look for what is yours in the Nigerian state. Our presence here today for this meeting is known to the National President of the Middle Belt Forum and all other leaders in our ethics nationalist. When a decision is taken on the candidate to support, then and only then you can describe what Middle Belt stand for in this country,” he said

In his address, the Coordinator of National Movement for a Nigeria President of South East Extraction, 2023, Rev Godwin has expressed concern that no Igbo man is considered fit to steer the ship of leadership in Nigeria for over 50 years calling for massive support for the Igbo’s come 2023

He thereby called on all political parties in Nigeria to in the spirit of Justice, fairness and equity zone their presidential slots to the South Eastern region come 2023.

He said “we wish to state categorically that any political party that zones its presidential candidate to south East stands the highest chance of support by all and sundry in our association as we are poised to mobilize every man and woman to vote Emma’s for such political party come 2023.

“To our friends from the middle belt, we wish to thank you once more for choosing to toe this path of honour. As stated above, you have seen by yourselves that south East is in serious danger and prolonged and senseless marginalization. There are practically no roads and any federal presence in the whole South-East.

“Therefore, we have decided to partner with you to correct these abnormalities which are merely man-made, bearing in mind that you covet 13 out of the 19 northern states of Nigeria

“With your support, we are confident, that it will be difficult or near impossibility for any other presidential candidate to emerge outside our support anywhere in Nigeria,” he said

According to him, South Easterners are United people noting that the movement is currently working on a consensus candidate “by the grace of God we shall unveil any of the most qualified and acceptable candidates of South East Extraction for Nigeria President, 2023 very soon,” he assured

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