Bauchi state governor, Bala Mohammed has lamented how the novel Coronavirus has hindered preparations for local government elections in the state.

Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed has joined citizens and all other residents of the State to mark the beginning of the year 2021, describing the outgone year as full of it daunting health, economic, security and social challenges.

“I am sure that the good people of the State, indeed Nigerians in general, irrespective of ethnic colouration, political differences or religious persuasions, will be united in ushering in what, hopefully, should be the dawn of a new era, a new year of restoration and revival, ” Mohammed said to mark the New Year.

Mohammed in a press statement signed by his Senior Special Assistant on Media Comrade Muktar Gidado, congratulated Nigerians for overcoming the myriad of challenges in the year 2020.

“Never before have the people been so gruesomely tested: from Yellow and Lassa Fevers, to the Covid-19 virus, from the slowdown in the economy and ecological disasters, to ever looming security challenges,” he stated.

“But the good news is that you took it all in stride, relying on our historical resilience and a rich heritage of trust, in the Almighty God who, through the intervention of our religious and traditional rulers and all men and women of goodwill, spared Bauchi State the unfortunate ordeal of succumbing to these vicissitudes”

Governor Mohammed described Bauchi state as the quintessence of the triumph of politics of engagement, collaboration and stake-holding over the politics of division and rancour.

“Thus, like adversaries in a shipwreck, we were acutely aware that our survival depended on our ability to confront our monsters together: quite often, hunger, disease, unemployment, natural disasters and insecurity respect no boundaries or recognise any distinctions”

He believed that the cordial relationship between the executive and the legislature of the state which buried their differences found common grounds to jointly navigate the ship of state through turbulent economic and political waters.

“And that was despite the sharks that reared their heads and tried to muddy the waters, midway. That is why in spite of the second wave, we can say that we contained the Covid-19 pandemic, mitigated the harsh impact of the lockdown on our people and recorded the most peaceful Palliative intervention.

“I am also proud to say that notwithstanding the lockdown, in 2020, we were able to achieve some milestones in Infrastructural and Social Development especially in the areas of Roads Reconstruction, Mass Housing, Urban Renewal and Education. We have also recorded significant strides in reviving Agriculture, People Empowerment and Youth Development.

“Against the above background, we are moving into 2021 in the firm assurance that we will never let our guards down”

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