The Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has called on Nigerians to cooperate with President Muhammadu Buhari in checkmating insecurity in Nigeria.

While proffering solution to the insecurity challenges in the country, the Oluwo pointed out that no country ever succeeded in the battle in isolation.

He therefore called on the citizenry to join hands with the president in putting an end to the insecurity challenges in the country in the new year.

The monarch insisted that every Nigerian had roles to play in the war against the malady.

He called for cooperation with government in decimating banditry in the country.

The Oluwo stated this in a New Year message on Thursday through his Chief Press Secretary (CPS), Mr Ibraheem Ali.

Oba Akanbi who said that most past leaders were architects of the current insecurity misfortunes, urged Nigerians never to blame Buhari but join hands with him in finding lasting solutions to the crisis.

The Oluwo said that it was high time promoters of insecurity in the country repented cooperated with president Buhari to move the nation forward.

Oba Akanbi also commended the president for his infrastructural developments.

He noted that his achievements were in line with the late Murtala Muhammed and Musa Yar’dua.

Oluwo lauded the Federal Government for its infrastructural achievements.

The monarch also commended Buhari for reconstructing some dilapidated federal roads across the country, initiating N-powers for youth employment, launching survival funds and integrating marginalized components to ensure dividends of democracy.

Oluwo described Buhari’s anti-corruption fight as result- oriented, noting that the public awareness had blocked many wastages.

Oluwo further tasked parents and guardians to start the new year with quality parental care through informal and qualitative education that will educate individual on modest societal conducts.

He said the foundation of insecurity in Nigeria was laid by past leaders.

The monarch called on critics to trace the history of Nigeria and stop apportioning every blame to President Buhari.

“The current state of the nation calls for holistic approach. Nigeria is a great nation of mixed leaders. Some of the past leaders invited today’s weaknesses.

It will be unfair to exonerate some of the past leaders and apportion every blame on President Muhammadu Buhari. It is the corruption of past leaders that is killing Nigeria, not Buhari,” he noted.

“I left Nigeria in the 80s for a greener pasture because of corrupt leaders presiding over our affairs at that time. I am now happy that the new hope is here and I am also elated to be part of a promising future.

“I want to put a challenge to observers to tell me a government that can match the infrastructural development of the President Buhari-led administration.

Buhari’s government is excellently challenging the status quo in decimating corruption. He may not be the best, but better in prudent resources management.

It is only during the time of Buhari that transparency is coming to the NDDC. Buhari is laying a foundation for Nigeria’s survival. Nigeria is a sleeping nation that Buhari is trying to wake. The past leaders stole so much money that if such were stolen in Britain, there might not have been Britain again today.

“Today, all ministries are working. I am not praising anyone but I am only saying the obvious of the reparation assignment that Buhari is doing. It may be less of our expectation as a complex nation but let us give him the necessary support to address issues.

“It is hard time in the history of the world, Nigeria inclusive. The new year (2021) is promising. As patriotic citizens, I urge Nigerians to promote the nation through support for leaders. The greatness of every nation depends on the commitment level and support for her leaders. Corruption is going because we cooperate with government in fighting it. Insecurity will varnish if we decide to curb it.

“The greatest threat to us as a nation is insecurity. It was created collectively and fighting it should be a collective assignment. Parents and guardians should begin the new year with proper upbringing of their children and wards.

Only the government cannot make Nigeria a sane nation. The children engaging in banditry are products of many homes. The home should be properly tutored and nurtured.”

“I pray for President Buhari and all Nigeria’s leaders for divine direction to constructively pilot the affairs of the nation. I’ve the hope in God to continuously guide them right in the interest of Nigerians whom they are governing.”

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