Bobi Wine criticises Yoweri Museveni at Kabaka’s New Year fete

Joy. Revellers cheer up Bobi Wine during the Enkuuka show to usher the New Year at Lubiri in Mengo, Kampala yesterday. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly name by his stage name Bobi Wine, used Buganda’s Enkuuka fete on Monday at Buganda’s Lubiri Palace to call on the youth to rise up against bad leadership.

Mr Wine, clad in all red overall, black high boots and his trade-mark red beret, made his way to the stage at about 5.30pm amid deafening cheers from the crowd.

He kicked off his performance with Nyimbira Kabaka Wange before moving on to his on his other songs but he altered the verses to criticise the government.

Some of those songs include Situuka, Mazzi Mawanvu, Freedom, Kyarenga and Engule.

As he performed Freedom, Mr Wine altered his lyrics when he said: “We just fear these men but if we unite, we can remove him out of power.”


The politician-cum-singer’s appearance at the Lubiri fete organised by the Buganda Kingdom-owned radio station Central Broadcasting Service came after intense discussion between organisers and security agencies, who had blocked him from holding any shows that they deem political.

The organisers had banned wearing of red clothes, the dressing code associated with opposition supporters.

While performing popular song Kyarenga, Bobi Wine stated: “Sometimes they use guns and then rule us like a cows…even if you bring lorries of tear gas, you can’t stop me from singing.”

“If you are asleep, wake up…. We are the young trees and we should fight hard to take over this country,” Mr Wine sang amid cheers from his fans.

“If we are organised, we can kick this man out…,” he sang, sending the crowds into a frenzy.

In another song, he sang that after the war has ended in Uganda, “we shall wear the crown.”

Before performing his yet to be released song Engule, MrWine first asked those who believe the country shall prosper without shedding blood to raise their hands, much to their delight. He then told them to be hopeful .

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