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The United Global Resolve for Peace (UGRFP), an NGO has condemned the undemocratic takeover of government by the Zimbabwean military.

UGRFP’s Executive Director, Mr Olaseni Shalom, in statement on Thursday in Abuja, said that the situation in Zimbabwe constituted a threat to democracy in Africa.

The Zimbabwean military, had on Wednesday morning, announced the takeover in a televised speech.

According to Shalom, the situation will lead to human right violations.

“We wish to express our utmost concern over the sudden involvement and interim control of the government by the military personnel of Zimbabwe, led by the Commander of Defence, Gen. Constantino Chiwenga.

“In line with the demands of humanitarian and human rights laws, both regional and international, we hereby call for peace and ease of tensions.

“It is believed that every process must consist of its attendant resistance or repulsion.

“We however demand that all the political stakeholders in Zimbabwe maintain a minimum level of serenity so as not to engender human right violation which is imminent.

“Until the matter becomes ultimately clear to the public, we urge all bodies and organisations to ensure that the situation is monitored and managed carefully as we hope to reduce and/or eliminate avoidable loss of life and properties.’’

Shalom said that the Zimbabwe situation was a clarion call on Africans to remain united against all forms of government which indicated tyranny or obstructed democracy in any form.

He said that the struggle for a truly democratic and accountable leadership in Africa was now an urgent demand for all countries.

The executive director said that, by the Zimbabwean experience, it had become imperative for African countries to advise themselves on the importance of accountability and transparency in government.

Shalom said it was high time African Union (AU) became more pro-active and articulate with regards to its policies and strategies to check the excesses of national governments.

“Accountability is non-negotiable, and only a strong and formidable regional body can chart a course to implement this and also monitor its progress.

“The AU has been too cold for comfort and same is the reason why these misgivings have been perpetually orchestrated under its nose.

“More activity is needed from the organisation in motivating the countries to speak out against tyranny and ensure their voice is heard anytime, even without threat to their lives.

“African cannot remain the least continent to abandon archaic and desecrated political culture seen as heresy in other zones,’’ he said

He urged the AU and other African leaders to urgently tackle political corruption as it was giving the continent a bad image.

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