Tonto Dikeh: Why I dumped Prince Kpokpogri

Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dikeh, has alleged that Prince Kpokpogri Joseph, her ex-lover, is threatening to release her nude pictures.

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has given reasons she dumped her politician ex-boyfriend, Prince Kpokpogri.

Dikeh, in an Instagram post in which she released audio, said she dumped Kpokpogri after listening to a leaked voice note between Kpokpogri and one Merit.

She said her ex-boyfriend’s real name is Joseph Egbri and that Prince Kpokpogri was a fake name used by Egbri.

“I personally called my relationship off with a man I honestly did love,” she said, after listening to the leaked audio.

“Now this is not enough for blackmail and lies but it’s all good and great. Respectfully, all we are asking is come answer to the law for your illegal recording and release of my private moments (A CRIME) that happened months back before I actually respectfully ended this relationship, extortion (A CRIME), blackmail (A CRIME) amongst other things alleged about you,” she posted.

According to Dikeh, “this may be a good time to say @janemena this man has so much of your sex tapes with him in his possession (old and very recent).

“Not just you but A lot of other married women, celebrities and single girls too. If he hasn’t blackmailed any of you yet it’s a matter of time!!

“My darling JOSEPH EGBRI, it will only be fair enough you allow the law operate. If these are made up allegations you need not fear, for a clean heart fears nothing.

“I am not hurt, not mad, just done. I wish you would too. You can’t be the one blackmailing me, releasing my private chat with friends, bugging my phone and still be the one in trauma.

“Wish you all the very best🥰 But you need to stop running and face the consequences of your actions.”

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