Popular actress, Shan George, has revealed that she doesn’t like playing romantic roles in movies.

The veteran actress disclosed this on Saturday in an in interview.

She said: “One of the most awkward movie roles I have had was acting as a mermaid. It was very challenging because I was trying to be something that I didn’t know and something I had never seen. How does a mermaid laugh or express anger?

“Also, I am not comfortable with romantic roles. Playing romantic roles has never been my strong suit. It is one of the roles that have never gone down well with me. I just do it because it is my job. I think I am not comfortable with it because I am not a very romantic person. The thought of holding someone that is not mine is weird. I am a typical village woman, so I have some funny thoughts about it. I am not saying it is a bad thing or that people should not take such roles but I am just not comfortable with it. But, I like to watch others do it. When it comes to acting, everyone has their areas of specialty.”

She also revealed that she does not think any of her colleagues is a rival; She said: “I don’t have a rival in the industry and I have never had one. In every aspect of my life, I have never seen anyone as a rival. Instead, I see people as partners. Acting is not about who earns more. Earning much does not mean that one is bigger or in a better class than others. I treat all my jobs equally― whether I am paid as low as N50, 000 or as high as N1m. One’s attitude is what takes one far. Over the years, I have built relationships with some actors that would gladly feature in my movie, irrespective of what I can afford to give them.”

George, who is a mother of two and recently engaged for the third time declined to talk about her plans for marriage.

She added: “About my marriage, I don’t want to talk about it. I know people are happy about it, so we are happy together. Some things should not really be talked about. Also, I like to take my life one day at a time.”

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