London-based illustrator captures history and culture of this ethnic group

Hausa People, a book by London-based graphic designer Osheyi Adebayo, is a unique compilation on everything and anything Hausa.

In a book that we just might never hold, because it is purely a design concept, Adebayo captures the essence of the history and culture of the Hausa People through strong visuals ranging from their architecture, religious rituals, traditional garb and even a treatise on Hausa genetics.

The Hausa people, one of Africa’s most widespread yet largely homogeneous ethnic groups, have experienced massive geographical dispersion through the years. They are primarily based in northern Nigeria and southern Niger with significant numbers also living in Cameroon, Chad, Sudan and Senegal. The majority of Hausa people live in small towns around these areas, often making a living raising crops, engaging in trade or herding livestock. They speak the Hausa language, a unique Afro-Asiatic speech.

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The book which Adebayo completed late last year traces the ethnic group’s path from its earliest history all the way to modern living, including almost every aspect of its society. Through his studies, Adebayo delves into the community’s rich culture, and most pages of his book are saturated with vibrant photographs that highlight Hausa nobility, its unique dress codes and interesting examples of its Sudano-Sahelian architecture.

Adebayo also covers Hausa literature and food as well as the tribe’s symbolism and population distribution.

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