NIWA boss: Workforce training key to operational efficiency on waterways

Managing Director of National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), Chief George Moghalu, has explained why he is eyeing the governorship seat of Anambra state come 2021.

The Managing Director of National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), Chief (Dr) George Moghalu, has reaffirmed commitment to training and re-training of workers, mostly its in-house technicians, describing it as a more cost-effective way to enhancing maximum efficiency in its waterways operations.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of a four-day Outboard Engines workshop for selected NIWA technicians held at Warri office on Tuesday, Dr. Moghalu, stated that the training was essentially designed to broaden both technical and theoretical knowledge of its operators in handling the new 4-strokes Yamaha outboard engines.

The Managing Director who was represented at the occasion by NIWA Area Manager, Warri, Engr Mohammed Dangana, disclosed that the training being organised in conjunction with Yamaha company, (producer of the outboard engines), would go a long way in enhancing manpower development and safety measures within the maritime space.

According to him, ‘this training is an in-house capacity development strategy put in place by the NIWA Managing Director to fill the gaps in the maritime sector of our Authority and to enhance the maintenance of our outboard engines for better service delivery.

‘The training is a mixture of classroom sessions and workshop practical with the view to develop and strengthen the skills, instincts and abilities needed by our technicians to sustain owner servicing and maintenance of V6 outboard engines.’

While urging the participants to take full advantage of the training to acquaint themselves with technical knowledge of the new 4-strokes outboard engines, Dr Moghalu, noted that the dedication of their time to the understanding of the training program would add value to both their technical skills and the Authority at large.

Commenting on the long-run cost-effectiveness of the training, Engr Dangana, pointed out that the in-house training program has the comparative advantage of reducing the day to day running cost in the maintenance of its facilities, especially the outboard engines, as the trainees are expected to bring the technical skills acquired in the workshop to bear whenever such needs arise.

‘You will equally agree with me that apart from boosting our human capital development, one of the greatest advantages of this kind of in-house training is the running cost it would reduce in the operations of the Authority, as we would be relying more on the technical knowledge that had been impacted on our technicians in maintaining our equipment, especially our new 4-strokes outboard engines from time to time,’ he stated.

Speaking at the occasion, the representative of CFAO Yamaha, Ms Tolulope Ojabodu, said the collaborative efforts to train technicians under NIWA was in furtherance of the long-standing relationship between both parties, describing their partnership as one with mutual trust and benefits.

‘We acknowledge and appreciate the immense contribution of the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) to the Nigerian Waterway and Her unwavering patronage of Yamaha Outboard Motor,’ she stated.

‘We also commend the efforts of the Federal Government towards achieving the vision for which NIWA was established, part of which is to harness the potentials of Nigeria inland waterways.

‘As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we are supporting NIWA in the development of Nigerian Inland waterways through free training of her technicians on the technical know-how of four Stroke outboard engine in order to ensure hitch-free operation of her personnel while in operation.

‘Yamaha has trained over 800 technicians across the board and we are looking forward to further improving our partnership with the Nigerian inland water authority (NIWA) and other government bodies,’ she stated.

The Head Marine Unit of NIWA, Warri Office, Engr Paul Udeji, said about 30 technicians drawn from across its zonal offices in the country are currently undergoing the training, adding that the decision to prime down the number was to allow maximum concentration during the training so that the participants can learn better in a conducive environment.

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