Chelsea supporters were delighted at the performance of Fikayo Tomori after he made his debut for AC Milan against Inter Milan yesterday..

Fikayo Tomori has described the Italian top flight Serie A as more tactical than the Premier League.

Tomori joined Milan on loan from Chelsea in January and made his debut with the Diavoli only a few days after his arrival in a Coppa Italia derby clash.

And speaking to Sky Sports UK, Tomori said:”Here it’s a lot more tactical, there’s a lot more thinking going on and a lot more positional awareness,” Tomori explained.

“In England the game is a lot faster. Like when a goalkeeper catches a ball then suddenly you have strikers and wingers bombing up the pitch, here it’s a bit more structured and a bit slower.

“There’s a lot more instances when you’re 1 v 1 and you have to be aware of where the ball is, where you have to be standing at a specific moment in relation to the ball. That kinda stuff is different and it takes time to get used to.

“In England it’s always been a big game, and to make my debut in that game at the San Siro, it was a dream come true.”

And on the kind of reception he got when he first arrived Milan, the 23-year-old said:”I’ve been welcomed with open arms and I feel comfortable with the team and there’s still a long way to go in the season and hopefully we can do something special so all our names are in the history books.

“Making my debut in the Milan derby wasn’t something I thought would happen. Leading up to the game, I thought about all the times you see AC Milan against Inter Milan on TV.

“Even driving up to the stadium, I saw fans with massive flags and you see them chanting and waving their hands – you could feel the passion coming into the game.

“When I was asked to warm up, I found myself a bit nervous and I don’t really get nervous but seeing the red and black and blue and black stripes, it was amazing.”

“I’m trying to make the most of the experience, trying to better myself, learn the language and understand the language.”

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